To our customers,


As you may be aware, over the last three weeks, Solar4America Ice at San Jose has experienced a recent string of auto vandalism in our parking lot. 


These occurrences were comprised of three separate incidents – two that occurred during the day and one in the evening and included the slashing of tires and keying of cars.  Victims of these senseless acts included both Solar4America Ice patrons and employees.     

In our discussions with the San Jose Police Department (SJPD), this type of activity has been happening with great frequency at various public locations throughout the city and is not isolated to Solar4America Ice at San Jose.


In light of these incidents, over the past two weeks we have done the following:


1. We are working closely with the SJPD to report all vandalism of which we are aware.  The SJPD has taken reports of each incident and we have provided video surveillance footage of each incident and of the suspects.


2.We have asked SJPD to provide enhanced surveillance of our lots by conducting more frequent drive-bys through our lots and to do their reports from our facility.  To encourage them to stop by more often, we are offering free coffee to all members of the SJPD. 


3. We have installed license plate readers on top of regular security cameras to help the SJPD identify who is entering our lots at all times.


4. We have increased parking security with more frequent sweeps of our lots by our S4A staff.


5. We have implemented the safe parking program and have posted signs at each door. 


Additionally, there was a social media post on Sunday night by a Solar4America Ice employee about an alleged auto vandalism incident.  This incident was investigated, found to be false, and the post was subsequently deleted.


As a reminder, Solar4America Ice at San Jose is open to the public 20 hours each day with people and cars entering and exiting our parking lots 24 hours per day.  We welcome 1.3 million customers annually to our facility.  We have created a culture that is clean, family-friendly, and safe for everyone.  Our rink community is amazing and at times it is easy to forget what is taking place outside the walls of our facility and in the real world.  Thus, when something like this happens, it’s shocking, frustrating and disappointing.


Your safety continues to be our top priority.  We will continue to work with SJPD to address the incidents outlined above.  However, if you see something that doesn’t look right or if something or someone seems out of place, please do not engage that person but rather notify a staff member immediately.


If you have any questions or concerns please call me at 408-999-6751 or email me at [email protected].


Thank you for your continued support of Solar4America Ice at San Jose.