Renovations Begin on our North and Center Rinks

North and Center Rink Renovation Updates

August 2: Continued work in Pro Shop and Snack bar. Painting the walls and putting in the pro shop skate sharpening counter

August 23: First layer of water being put down on the center rink

August 20: Chiller is turned out to begin freezing the concrete slab

August 14: Snack bar has its walls painted and wood pattern placed along side of it

August 12: Pro shop and front desk continued being worked on.

August 10: The glass is back on both rinks

August 5: The rink boards are being put back into place

August 1: Chillers and pumps for both rinks arrived on site

July 30: taking out the old staircase and putting in a new one

July 25: Letting the conrete sit

July 24: Concrete pour on Center.

July 23: Concrete pour on North

July 20: Metal wire sheets put over the cold pipes to add the last layer of stability before the concrete pour

July 17: Refrigerant pipes laid on the north. Center being worked on

July 14: Pro Shop glass and walls completed

July 6: The warm and cold pipes are all laid out.

July 1: measurements being made to make sure piping will be laid in the correct spot

June 28: Pro shop glass being put it along some of the walls

June 26: Leveling for the layer above the warm pipes

June 20: Walls are being built for the new proshop

June 19: Placing warm floor piping down on both rinks

June 16: Concrete being poured into the curbs for both rinks

June 12: Boarders are up on the center rink and the dirt is all packed back in the North rink

June 11: North rink is getting its dirt put back in.

June 9: Center Rink is about to get new perimter curb warm and warm layer of ice rink floor

June 8: North Rink finishing mitigation

June 4: Moving around dirt within certain areas of the rink

May 29: Digging up the center rink

May 23: Center Rink working on gathering all of the sand and removing it from the rink. Also taking out the insulation

May 22: Center rink continuted with cutting up the piping and clearning it out

May 18: Pro Shop being cleared out and center piping being chopped up.

May 17: Removed the refergation tank from our center and norh rink compressors which officially shut it down after it lasted 25 years

May 16: North Rink still getting concrete sawed up while Center Rink is beginning to finally see below the rink which is sand

May 15: Center working on getting the boards taken out while North Rink is beginning to get the concrete taken out.

May 14: Crew working on shaving off the ice and logos from the Center Rink. Glass is out but boards are still in place

May 11: Drilling continued taking place

May 10: Drilling took place with removal of boards and glass

May 9: Surveyed the rink and marked spots for drilling which will begin tomorrow. 

May 8: Ice is coming out! After this is all cleaned up, the heavy machinery comes in to start cutting out the slab

May 7: We are starting to cut the ice down. After the sheet is soft enough, we bring in the bobcats to chunk out the slab and get down to concrete. 

Construction Public Access Map



SAN JOSE, CA – Sharks Ice LLC and the City of San José announced today that beginning this May and continuing through August, the Center and North Rinks at Solar4America Ice at San Jose will undergo major renovations to replace and upgrade the original ice making equipment and dasher board systems originally installed on both rinks in 1993 when the facility first opened.  The new equipment will be a more energy efficient system that is commonly installed in newly-constructed ice facilities and will also be more consistent with the City of San José’s Climate Smart San Jose, a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) related to energy and mobility (transportation) and ensure a long-term water supply. The San José City Council unanimously approved the plan on Feb. 27, 2018. 


During the renovation, Solar4America Ice at San Jose will remain open and will continue to offer the same diverse programming that it currently offers to its customers including class lesson series, public skating sessions and its birthday party program.  To keep the youth and adult hockey leagues operational during the summer months, much of the programming usually found on the North and Center Rinks will be reallocated to the South and East Rinks which will also remain open during the renovation and, when possible, Solar4America at Fremont.  Stanley’s Sports Bar will also remain open. 


Upgrades to the Center and North rinks will include replacement of the existing direct R-22 system to two smaller, indirect systems which provide better temperature control and more redundancy.  Additionally, both rinks will have the refrigeration pumps, heat exchangers, and cooling towers replaced and the snow melt pit infrastructure upgraded to newer and more efficient technology.  Both rink floors will be demolished and reconstructed to include warm loop piping, insulation, cold loop piping, new header mains, transmission mains, and will receive a concrete finish that will improve efficiency.  A new dasher system will also be installed with integrated kick plates, a soft cap system, and new check flex boards.


“Solar4America Ice at San Jose continues to be an amazing success story for San José.  As the largest public ice facility west of the Mississippi, each year Solar4America Ice attracts prominent national and international figure skating, ice hockey, and curling events and tournaments to the area, attracting visitors from all over the world to downtown San Jose, filling hotel rooms and restaurants in the process,” said Jon Gustafson (@SHARKSICEGM), Vice President of Solar4America Ice at San Jose.  “Solar4America Ice is a world-class facility.  In order to maintain its success and to preserve it as a fantastic community center and gathering place for fun and safe recreation for the entire community, these upgrades are necessary.” 


Renovation upgrades will also include the expansion of the scorekeeper’s boxes and penalty box areas, expansion of player benches with the addition of new rubber flooring, new LED sports lighting on select rinks, expansion of the team store, upgrades to the concession stand, and a relocation and upgrade of the main guest service reception counter.‚Äč