Due to the Shelter in Place Order our Facility is Currently Closed Until Further Notice.

When we resume activity, we will finish our Winter Class lesson schedule, and the Spring Session will begin immediately after. We will not be able to accomodate refunds until we are back open and able to determine the schedule moving forward. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. Stay home and stay safe! 



Figure Skating

Solar4America Ice offers various figure skating programs that will keep skaters enthusiastic about learning from the time they begin lessons until the time they reach their goals. Whether they want Olympic fame or to simply enjoy the recreational benefits of skating, Sharks Ice is the place to start!

Various programs offered are Lessons, Freestyle, Ice Dancing and Synchronized Skating.

Private Lessons


In addition to our regular classes and practice times, Solar4America Ice offers private Skating & Hockey Lessons from a variety of experienced, well-qualified instructors. To set up a private lesson, please choose from our list of coaches below. Solar4America Ice Private Instructors set their own lesson times in accordance with ice availibility. Each individual can give you a better idea of when they teach. Lessons are typically taught in 15, 20, 30, 45, or 60 minute increments. Custom amounts of time can be arranged with individual coaches. Please contact the instructor directly to confirm rates and avaialbility.  


Richard Alexander [email protected]

Years Coaching: 20 Richard was US World and Olympic Alternate (1992), USFS International Team (1990-93) and National Junior Pair Champion (1990). He was a touring performer including European Stars on Ice (1994-96) and has 20 years of coaching experience. He is a USFS international, national, and junior national coach. Available to teach all ages and abilities from beginner to elite. Specialty: pole harness, moves in the field, pairs

Allison Cahill 408.896.1778 [email protected]

Years Coaching: 10 Allison has over 15 years of experience competing in individual figure skating at all levels up to ISI Platinum. She is an ISI Worlds Champion in figure skating and synchronized skating. She is an excellent mentor and a positive and encouraging coach who applies her Masters Degree in Psychology from University of San Francisco to guide her students through achieving their skating goals. Allison is a Professional Member of ISI and an ISI Judge. Specialty: Figure Skating all ages, beginning through freestyle levels, preparation for local and world class ISI Competitions.

Ilynn DeFreitas : [email protected] : 408-472-0677

Ilynn has been coaching hockey teams and individual students since 2007. Her team experience includes in-house to tier levels; private lessons are offered to all ages and skill levels, including adults. She is trusted by many from the San Jose Sharks management staff and professional players, as her clientele includes many of their children. Additionally, since 2014, she joined Rob Zettler's Pro Hockey Camp staff as a power skating coach.  Her students gain speed and efficiency with her focus on stride, edges, balance, and agility. She teaches with positive reinforcement so that her students gain confidence in themselves and are mentally able to step up to higher challenges and levels. Ilynn has earned her Level 4 USA Hockey Coaching Education Program Certification and is current with SafeSport Training and background checks; she is also an American Heart Association BLS/CPR instructor and Beachbody coach. Her academic background in medicine, psychology, and research allow her to help her students balance proper nutrition with off ice training to be successful on the ice.

Jonathon O’Dougherty 408.387.4592 [email protected]

British Ice Dance Champion at Novice, Junior, and Senior level. Medalist at several ISU International events and competitor at the Junior World Championships, two European Championships, and the World Championships. Coach and choreographer of National Champions, International competitors, and World Championship competitors. Graduate of South Nottingham College (England) with a degree in Sports and Exercise Science and Coaching. Specialty – Beginning ice dance, moves in the field, skating skills.

Pamela O’Dougherty 408.644.1839 [email protected]

British Ice Dance Champion at Novice, Junior, and Senior level. Medalist at several ISU International events and competitor at the Junior World Championships, two European Championships, and the World Championships. Coach and choreographer of National Champions, International competitors, and World Championship competitors. Graduate of South Nottingham College (England) with a degree in Sports and Exercise Science and Coaching. Specialty – Beginners, Ice Dance, Freestyle, and Choreography.

Michelle Racimo [email protected] 408.624.2682

Michelle Racimo has been on the ice for over 30 years and began coaching power skating and figure skating in 1994. She specializes in developing solid skating skill foundation with emphasis on skating mechanics, explosive speed development, economy of movement and edge control. She believes that muscle memory – achieved through a consistent practice standard, and skill-specific cross training – is the fast track to athletic success. Michelle is a USFSA silver medalist and a former junior ladies competitor. She is an ISI certififed Silver Judge, a member of USFSA, ISI, USA Hockey, and a Bronze Certified USA Wrestling Coach.

Kristina Van Kregten 408.529.6262 [email protected]

Years Coaching: 9 years United States Figure Skating competitor for over 15 years in Freestyle, Pairs, and Ice Dancing. Regional, Sectional, and Junior Olympic/National Competitor. Coaching member of the Professional Skater’s Association. Trains competitive and recreational skaters in both USFS and ISI. Beginners through Advanced/Senior levels. Specialty: Basic/Advanced Skills & Technique, Freestyle, Moves in the Field, Choreography, and Off-Ice Conditioning.

Olga Yeghyayan [email protected]

Trained and competed in Russia. Degree in Child Psychology and Child Development – St. Petersburg, Russia. Specialty: All ages and levels, basic skills, freestyle, choreography, power

Yaniritza Quiroga  [email protected]

Yaniritza has been coaching for over 10 years, and has been on the ice for over 15 years. She has a strong background in gymnastics and dance with a main focus in tap, jazz and ballet. Not only did she grow up skating and competing in the Bay Area, she also was on a competitive dance team. Yaniritza has strong leadership skills which helps her students thrive on and off the ice, helping them obtain all their life goals. Yaniritza's mission is to help each skater she coaches achieve their maximum potential on the ice. Whether it be landing their first jump or making it across the rink without using the boards. Yaniritza is a member of ISI, PSA, USFS, and PCA. She coaches all ages and levels, from basic to advanced. As well as synchronized skating and beginning hockey. She enjoys having her students participate in Sharks Ice Annual Holiday Shows as well as local competitions throughout the year.


Stepan Dubrovskiy 669-600-9202 [email protected]

Danish Junior National Champion. International ISU competitor in pairs and Ice dance.Former Professional ice show performer with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Education: Degree in Preschool Pedagogy and Psychology from the Moscow State University for Humanity and a second degree in Figure Skating Coaching from the Moscow Olympic Reserve College.He has a rich experience in freestyle, ice dancing, pairs, off-ice conditioning, choreography, and power skating. Fluent in English and Russian. 


Stephanie Snider 408-833-5570 [email protected]

Danish Junior National Ice Dance Champion. Participant in Junior Grand Prix events and the Junior World Championships. Two-time U.S. Figure Skating Gold Medalist. She was a professional ice show performer, touring with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines for two contracts. Specializes in stroking, basic and advanced skills, power skating, moves in the field, ice dance, off-ice conditioning, and stretching. Fluent in English, Russian, Danish.


Kristen Cederquist 831-234-9760

Kristen has been on skating since the age of five and skate competitively for 20 years. She is a US Figure Skating double gold medalist in Moves-In-Field and Freestyle. After her competitive career she began teaching beginning skaters which allows her to share her passion for being on the ice. Kristen specialized in giving young skaters a strong foundation with proper biomechanics. 
Specialty: Figure skating for all ages, basic skills, freestyle, figures, moves, power skating, video analysis using Dartfish technology, off-ice conditioning
Member in good standing with ISI, US Figure Skating, and PSA
Visit to view available lesson times or to schedule a lesson. 

Kristen Mita [email protected]

Kristen Mita was a competitive figure skater from age 7 until 19 and, upon retiring from competition, immediately transitioned into coaching where she was one of the most successful coaches in the Midwest region for 14 years. After a move to San Jose in 2017 she plans to replicate her success in the Bay Area with a new generation of students. She is a member of USFS, has her gold medal in freestyle and moves in the field. In 2001 she competed at the US nationals and went on to compete internationally providing valuable experience to pass down to her students. While her focus is mainly high level competitive skaters she also enjoys taking on students who simply love to skate. Kristen’s strengths are in freestyle, pairs, moves in the field, power stroking, and strength conditioning off ice.  With a focus on strong fundamentals and technique to help build a strong foundation she has produced multiple national and international competitors. In 2010, was the first year Kristen went with a student to US Nationals. Kristen has coached students to Nationals in 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2014, including the Novice Bronze Medalist in 2013.  Additionally in 2013 she traveled to GdaƄsk where she had a student compete in a JGP international competition.  Check out her coaching and other students at 

Nicholas Roby 408.712.9122 [email protected]

Years coaching: 15

Nicholas emphasizes developing solid skating fundamentals by breaking down each skating component for his students to piece together themselves, encouraging self-practice through self-thought. This strategy has led Nicholas to become a trainer to even top level athletes, teaching them how to maintain their bodies while performing at peak ability. And while Nicholas does place a focus on getting his skaters to think for themselves and their own skating, he does so with emotional patience and levity for his students to stay encouraged to skate.

Background: Nicholas has a strong competitive and professional skating background, having competed and shared practice ice with America’s best skaters (some of which even competed in the 2018 Winter Olympics). At the age of 18, he suffered a major injury that hurt his competitive career. Subsequently, he aggressively pursued to rehabilitate his body as he transitioned into professional figure skating and an education in Human Biology at the University of California, San Diego. He continues an advanced self-study of human biomechanics and how that fits into developing future figure skaters. Nicholas’ demeanor and knowledge of skating incites fun and learning for skaters of all ages that take true enjoyment in movement and sport.

Lorna Wighton Aldridge Gosvener: 518-637-3969 [email protected]

Lorna is a PSA and USFS certified instructor. She is a three-time Canadian National (Skate Canada) Ice Dancing Champion ( with partner John Dowding), 1980 Olympic Games 6th place finisher, 1980 Worlf Championships 5th place finisher, 1983 World Professional Champion, Ice Capades Principal Skater 1980-87, CFSA Gold Medalist in Compulsories and Free Dance, CRSA Bronze Free Style. Lorna's has been coaching for more than 33 years from 1981 to present which began in Canda during the midst of her year in Ice Capades and continued at Lake Placid Olympic Center before moving to the Bay Area where she continues her passion to Coach. She and her partner John have also served as hosts of Bay Area Ice Dancers Annual Skating Clinic from 1997 until 2016.


Rink Music

Solar4America Ice is teamed up with Rink Music Inc. to make playing your music while skating easier than ever!

How it works: Each skater will purchase a key tag from their “Home Rink” at the front desk. Visit and click the membership button to set up an account (see below for details) Once a subscriber, you will load your desired skating program music onto your account to be played at your “Home Rink”.

When participating in a skating session, simply find the touch screen located at center ice of each ice surface, swipe you key tag and your music will be placed into a Queue. Once your turn has come, your name will be announced followed by your music. (Usage on public sessions is prohibited when 25 or more skaters are present.) Please note, as of July 1st all CD players in scorers boxes will be removed from use.

Subscription and Payment Information Purchase your key tag at your "Home Rink" for a One Time fee of $12 (You are also given the option of adding additional rinks to your account for a One-Time fee of $5) The Rink Music system requires an annual subscription: Gold: $20 annual membership, allows for 10 song uploads to your account. Silver: $10 annual membership, allows for 5 song uploads to your account. (Both plans allow for additional song uploads for $2 each)