Updated September 21, 2020

We are happy to announce that under the new county guidelines, we are able to bring back our hourly Freestyle session. Currently we are planning to open Freestyle registrations soon for the end of September and Beginning of October. More information will be posted shortly on where to sign up and when! 


Registration Process

  1. Go to sharksiceatsanjose.maxgalaxy.net
  2. Move your cursor over the REGISTRATION tab and click on which drop down menu best suits your desired purchase needs.
  3. On the left hand sign, please click on the program specifically in which you would like to sign your child up for.
  4. Click on either view or register
  5. If you have already have an account, use this time to login. If you are a first time user, please follow the instructions to complete creating an account
  6. Click the check boxes on the programs you wish to sign up for.
  7. Once finished, click continue and complete purchase. 
  • On the day of your session, you will have to sign in at the front desk. If you have not signed in 10 minutes after the start time, your session can be re-sold by Solar4America Ice
  • You will not be able to access the “Preferred Pricing” option for the next month until the 25th of the current month.
  • If you would like to freely pick and choose sessions and times, wait until the 6th of each month to register as a drop-in participant

Freestyle Rules and Etiquette

Skaters and Coaches

  • Freestyle sessions are for teaching and training. The director of skating reserves the right to monitor the level of skating on each freestyle session and make appropriate changes.
  • Skaters must sign-in at the front desk prior to entering the ice. Print clearly.
  • Freestyle sessions may not be split between two sessions or surfaces to accommodate lesson times.
  • Anyone who has not paid will not be allowed to skate a session.
  • Coaches and skaters are not permitted on the ice at any time during an ice resurface. Please exit the ice promptly before the ice resurface. Zamboni doors must be closed prior to skaters entering the ice. Do Not Enter before session time.
  • For the skaters safety skaters are not permitted to wear personal headsets of any kind while skating on a freestyle session. Coaches are permitted to use hand held music systems.
  • No more than 2 skaters (semi-private) at one time are permitted in lesson.
  • Always give the right of way to skaters in a lesson or skater doing their program.
  • Abusive or obscene language/music will not be tolerated.
  • All skaters and coaches must pick up tissues, garbage, water bottles etc. on rink boards and players bench after their session.
  • All skaters are requested to patch holes at the end of each session prior to the resurface regardless of whether or not they created the holes. The Zamboni driver will provide a bucket of ice. If a skater creates a large hole during a session make an effort to repair immediately.
  • All session times are subject to change. Reasonable notice of changes will be posted whenever possible.
  • No food or drink is allowed on the ice with the exception of water or sport drinks kept near the ice.
  • For the safety of the skater all ice surface doors are to be closed during a freestyle session.
  • Refrain from comments or actions that are disruptive, offensive, abusive, or racist. Behavior that constitutes harassment or abuse we not be tolerated by Sharks Ice.
  • All programs classes, camps, and clinics are run and approved by rink management. No coach is allowed to organize or teach a group of more than 2 people.

Parent Conduct

  • Parents must view freestyle sessions from the bleacher area, lobby area, or from Stanley’s.
  • Parents and spectators are not permitted in the player’s box area.
  • Be in control of your emotions
  • Parent’s are not permitted to coach from bleacher or lobby area. Parents need to parent and coaches need to coach.
  • Refrain from comments or actions that are disruptive, offensive, abusive, or racist. Behavior that constitutes harassment or abuse will not be tolerated by Solar4America Ice.
  • Do not block entrance gates to ice surface.


All complaints or suggestions must be submitted in writing, signed and mailed to:

Candy Goodson, Skating Director Solar4America Ice
1500 S Tenth Street,
San Jose Ca. 95112

Guest Coach Policy

As a private facility, Solar4America Ice and its Skating Department reserves the right to approve or deny any guest coach who seeks the opportunity to coach/instruct at a Solar4America Ice facility. Allowances for guest coaches applies primarily to local competition weeks and/or test schedules. However, some exceptions* and special circumstances may be granted by the Solar4America Ice Skating Director.

Any coach not affiliated with the Solar4America Ice Skating Department, seeking the opportunity to guest coach/instruct within a Solar4America Ice facility must contact the Skating Director at least seven (7) days in advance at [email protected] Upon approval and prior to their first ice session, a guest coach must stop at the Solar4America Ice Administration Office and submit: 1) a current copy of their liability insurance and 2) $65 per day coaching fee. The guest coach will then receive a “guest coach” sticker that is to be worn on their jacket as proof they are compliant with all guest coach policies. Once in the facility, the guest coach agrees to follow the Solar4America Ice freestyle rules and regulations. Failure to comply will result in the loss of guest coach privileges. *The Guest Coach protocol does not apply to coaches who are invited by the Skating Director to work special skating camps, academies, and related special appearances.

***Guest fee will increase to $100.00 per day starting January 1, 2020. 

Playing without Paying Policy

All customers/participant who enter the ice surface and participate must pay a fee. This includes private lesson participants (both hockey and skating). Proof of purchase can be either a computer generated receipt or a Solar4America Ice sticker. Payment shall be made BEFORE each session has started.

If a customer is caught participating on a session without paying, the following will occur:

FIRST OFFENSE: If a customer is caught participating without paying, he or she will be banned/bared/expelled from the building for a period of 60 days for the first offense. The 60 day ban will begin on the day of the offense. The offending customer will then be placed on the “Banned List” which will be posted at all 2 Solar4America Ice and Oakland Ice locations.

SECOND OFFENSE: If a customer is caught participating without paying for a second time, he or she will be banned for life from all 2 Solar4America Ice and Oakland Ice facilities

PRIVATE ICE COACHES: Any coach (independent contractor or employee) giving a lesson (hockey or figure skating) to a customer who has not paid will be suspended and/or terminated immediately without exception

Freestyle Skating





Please keep in mind the Freestyles Monday thru Friday at 9:45 AM are for skaters that have passed FS 6. This level also applies for the Sunday 6:45 AM and 8:00 AM session.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: *Customers wishing to take advantage of unlimited options must purchase package first, then enroll in sessions. NO REFUNDS will be given for customers enrolling in multiple session prior to purchasing the unlimited package..*

You will now be able to sign up for Freestyle on-line and have the flexibility you have requested. All Freestyle sessions for the coming month will be posted on-line by the 25th of the month prior. Preferred Pricing (monthly fee) will be in effect from the 25th- 1st. After the 1st of each month the price will change to the drop-in rate. On the 2nd you will be able to sign up for the sessions you would like at the drop-in rate. There will be no credits, changes or refunds. Once you have selected your sessions they are yours.

To best accommodate and meet customer expectation we will tier pricing based on the number of sessions purchased. The more sessions you purchase the better the price. In addition to our tiered pricing you will also have the option of paying a monthly unlimited fee. With the unlimited you will have to sign up for the sessions you would like to skate in person. You may add sessions any time during the month as long as the sessions are available.