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Bucket Sessions

Buckets are unavailable at this time.

  • Buckets are only to be used by beginner skaters who need assistance standing or staying upright while attempting to skate.
  • Bucket stacks should be waist high at all times when using to avoid injury.
  • By using buckets stacked at the appropriate level, beginner skaters can push the buckets in the bucket section to help keep their balance and become accustomed to the ice.
  • Please keep buckets within the designated area.
  • No sitting or lying on buckets is permitted.
  • No sitting or pushing a guest who is sitting on top of buckets.
  • Please do not skate with two or more stacks of buckets.
  • Please be respectful of those trying to learn ice skating while in the bucket section.
  • Games are not allowed to be played with buckets.
  • Abuse of these guidelines or staff direction will result in ejection from the facility.
  • Please remember these safety guidelines, and above all, have fun!

Information on Adult Only Sessions

General admission 18 years old & over only. Must show ID when purchasing admission.

Contact Stephanie Conroy for more information about groups at [email protected]

Groups of 20 or less do NOT need to make reservations to come to Public Session.
It is recommended that groups of 21+ email the date, time, and approximate number of skaters to Group Sales to ensure we are properly staffed and can accommodate your group.

All prices & schedule subject to change.
Protective equipment, warm clothing, gloves recommended.